The Life of Christ

Written, arranged and conducted
by Professor Edward Boatner

A religious musical production depicting the life of Christ, from birth to ascension, using narrative and Negro spirituals.

Praised by the NEW YORK TIMES as well as important actors, OSSIE DAVIS, with RUDY DEE, as "spirituals that will provide a cultural and unforgettable impact on the world."

The Man From Nazareth
features 21 majestically sung spirituals by a 40 voice choir.
Each song is preceded by a beautifully simple story of a specific event in Jesus' life that inspired its creation.

This CD is perfect for:

  • Birthdays, Graduations, and Christmas gifts
  • An inspiring gift for children and adults to learn about the importance of Negro Spirituals
  • A useful instructive tool for learning about the life of Christ
  • Fund raisers for local churches and music education
  • Ideal for Bible studies

Endorsed by:

  • Baptist Minister's Conference
  • National Council of Churches
  • United Church of Christ
  • Minsters Alliance

It is the story of Jesus, told through spirituals, as seen through the eyes of slaves who related it to
their own lives and dreams. These spirituals originated under slavery when African-Americans recreated the stories of the Bible and passed them down in song. Spirituals gave them the hope of freedom and made life endurable.